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My second novel - Metallic Dragons - will be arriving around March 2018.  Visit my Dragon page for the latest updates on how to get your hands on it.  Like the cover?


Meet Michael Ajax

Calhoun fired the .50 caliber at a dirty-white Snow Dragon soaring just above the distant treetops. As the bullets whizzed by, the stupid beast dropped its narrow wings to circle out of sight. 

Michael Ajax is an author of the young adult novel Tomb of the Triceratops. Michael Ajax likes fossils, dinosaurs and all things action adventure. Michael Ajax has been called a true Fossil Explorer. Read Tomb of the Triceratops to find out more about triceratops, T-rexes, and troodons. Tomb of the Triceratops is a good dinosaur book for young adults. What is your favorite dinosaur?

-Excerpt from Metallic Dragons