‚Äčebook & paperback editions now available        

-Excerpt from Tomb of the Triceratops 

After long hours of writing, editing and formatting, my first novel - Tomb of the Triceratops - will be arriving in stores on November 21, 2015. Pre-orders are available at -  Apple, Barnes and Noble, & Kobo.  Visit my Book page for the latest updates.


Meet Michael Ajax

To explore a place where dinosaurs escaped to, and possibly survive today, will change . . . everything. 

Michael Ajax is an author of the young adult novel Tomb of the Triceratops. Michael Ajax likes fossils, dinosaurs and all things action adventure. Michael Ajax has been called a true Fossil Explorer. Read Tomb of the Triceratops to find out more about triceratops, T-rexes, and troodons. Tomb of the Triceratops is a good dinosaur book for young adults. What is your favorite dinosaur?