Michael Ajax is an author of the young adult novel Tomb of the Triceratops. Michael Ajax likes fossils, dinosaurs and all things action adventure. Michael Ajax has been called a true Fossil Explorer. Read Tomb of the Triceratops to find out more about triceratops, T-rexes, and troodons. Tomb of the Triceratops is a good dinosaur book for young adults. What is your favorite dinosaur?

 Look for the new novel  - Tomb of the Triceratops

About Michael Ajax

Tomb of the Triceratops is Michael's debut novel.

What began as a bedtime story for his son and daughter, both true dinosaur enthusiasts, slowly turned into a grand adventure novel. With more stories in the works, Michael is already planning a sequel.

It was his enjoyment of storytelling that led him to write this novel. It is the first of many he has planned.


Today, living in the foothills near Phoenix, Arizona with his wife and kids, Michael enjoys exploring the rugged outdoors and collecting fossils. 

Basking in the Arizona sun, Michael dreams of his next great adventure.

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