Although restless sixteen year old Joe tolerates the daily routine under the protective dome-shield with his quirky family of adopted war vets, he relishes bringing out the big guns to drive off the flesh-eating dragons that had been engineered to fight in the Dragon Wars.

One day, when a mysterious young woman arrives at their compound, everything changes. After being betrayed by a trusted friend, the two set off for a subterranean city where they discover far more than political infighting between the infamous City Lord and the secretive religious sect that worships the bloodthirsty beasts. To survive in this realm of treachery and advanced technology, they must enlist new friends and forge perilous alliances, or risk finding themselves in the merciless claws of the Metallic Dragons.

A breathtaking combination of futuristic dragons in a dystopian world, Metallic Dragons will resonate with the reader long after the final page is turned.